Monday, January 2, 2012

Change is on its way!

Our family is growing by two feet...

I knew a new year would bring some change but I guess I didn't realize what GREAT change would be actually occurring in our family... 

1. I get to experience Haiti in just a few short days. I can't wait to see what God has in store for this trip. My heart longs to wrap my arms around those babies at Mission of Hope Orphanage. God has laid it on my heart to go & I have no doubt he has big plans for my trip that only HE could do. Thank you to all who are praying, have supported, & being apart of my trip. You are blessing to me & the ones at Mission of Hope. Thank you for listening to the call! 

Matthew 28:19

2. I am tackling a new business adventure with Beachbody. I get to help others all over the United States make lifestyle changes. This year I will be working hard to do my part to fight obesity & put others first. 

3. I get to be with one of my best friends as she marries the guy of her dreams! I feel so blessed to be able to be apart of her big day & see her become Mrs. Butler. She will be a beautiful bride!

4. We get to experience a whole new organization with the New York Mets. This means new spring training, new people, new state, & a whole new adventure. Pretty anxious about our adventure to the complete other coast this year.

5. Jace turns 2! It's hard to believe how fast he has grown & how big his vocabulary has become this past year. His little personality is by far the best in my eyes. He loves trains, any type of "catch", has a new obsession with Mickey Mouse, says the cutest prayers, & could play outside for hours. He is a true boy with a loving heart. He is crazy about his cousins. He thinks school is so fun. I am looking forward to the new baseball season to bond with my son. He brings great joy to his momma & daddy! Look out potty training because you WILL happen in 2012!

6. Lastly, 2012 means adding an addition to our family! We are more than thrilled to say that Jace is going to be a big brother. I am going to embrace every stage (except the nausea!)... I can't wait to buy some cute maternity clothes and rock them with my BIG belly, the ultra sounds, kicking, sleeping every single night on my side, singing with Jace to the baby, shopping at Babies R Us, & everything else that goes with having a baby. The thought of our little family growing by two more feet warms my heart. Excited for the journey: the hard, the exciting, the unknown, & all! 

There will also be lots of birthdays to celebrate, airplane rides with a 2-year-old, baseball games to watch, visiting old & new friends, & many things that God will show us only in his timing. I am beyond excited for a new year!

 May God's hand be in every detail of 2012!

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