Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A new "why" : morning sickness

These are a life saver when you have morning sickness.

When I was pregnant with my son a sweet friend of mine gave me a big bag of Jolly Ranchers. Let's just say, these were life savers! Anytime I got the nauseous feeling I would pop one in my mouth & it seemed to take care of the problem. This time around I feel as if the nauseous wants to stick around all day long. It's a frustrating feeling but all so worth it in the end. 

As all of you know, I am a runner. Running has become my sense of escape. Now, running has become my sense of normalcy. If I can win the battle of getting out of bed I know it's going to make for a great day. After a good run or a good workout I feel as if I can function. It is like a new medicine this time around... Yes, I will still be eating my jolly ranchers, however, I am happy to say my new why in running is to just feel good. I'm ok with it... 

My goal is to also run throughout the whole pregnancy. I might not be running 8 miles at 8 months pregnant but I sure can do 1 or 2. My prayer is to have a safe & healthy pregnancy. I am looking forward to this journey of a growing baby (& belly). January 12th can't get here soon enough! I am ready to see our lil peanut!

What is your "why" in 2012?

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