Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Haiti stole my heart.

~God's 3 beautiful girls~

God has completely softened my heart for these children. I knew going into this trip that I would love them but I had no idea just how much I would love them like my own. Every child I held or played with felt like my heart was going to explode with love for them regardless of the filth, worms, sad faces, etc. It was truly God showing me His love for us. We were orphans & He rescued us. I am filthy but He loves me anyway. Every hug reminded me again & again God's love for us.

 The hardest part of the day was when we had to put them down & say our goodbyes. The hurt in their eyes broke my heart. The one promise I could hold on to was that they weren't left alone. Jesus had his hand on them & they are His children. God has a specific plan for each child & I believe with all my heart that these 3 young girls have big plans ahead for them. They have forever impacted my life.

The one thing I noticed while being in Haiti is the perspective of the country. Everyone sees it as a place of corruption but when we left yesterday I saw a place of beauty from ashes. I believe there is so much hope for Haiti & God is truly doing amazing things through the people, Mission of Hope, & the children in Haiti. 

"All Haitians are hungry. We don't focus on the hunger because God is our food." 
-Bobby (one of our Haitian translators)

I have no idea where to start on sharing stories with you but as the week goes on I will continue to post short stories throughout our trip. 

Thank you so much for all your prayers while I was gone. I felt each one of them as we went out everyday! I am so thankful to have had this experience with a great group! We all have came home with a mission in mind to help Haiti & see where God leads us to do so!

I will be back with some stories shortly! :) 

Here are some pictures from our trip! There will be more soon!

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